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The universal mission of betterment

"How do you get your life together doing what you desire?"

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- Do you feel a need to get in control of your life?

- Do you feel lost and need a sense of direction?

- What would it mean for you to be able to get your life together with confidence?


Who is this for?

  • For Teachers looking to guide their students in the right direction!
  • For Leaders looking to create a better culture and community!
  • For Students looking to create a better life!


Topics include:

- A paradigm shift into how to stop searching and START creating a better life

- Time, Money, and Energy management

- Troubleshooting for individual self-confidence, joy, and purpose in life

- How to stack long term success in your favor

- Becoming the best version of yourself... and even better



The secret to making your life better

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Better Happens Daily

Keynote | Workshop

We are all looking to make the world one big collective better

Though I wonder what would happen if all it took to create a better world was to create better relationships, better culture, better intentions, better choices, better actions, better individuals so that together we can create a better world... 

Imagine what could be better in your campus or with any group when your students, teachers and leaders implement these values into their own lives?


This keynote is focused on character development, kindness, spirit, and culture through the discovery of each individuals desire to become a better person for themselves, for others, and ultimately the world!

Lets uncover the ways you and I can act on accomplishing THE all encompassing goal of betterment



Keynote | Workshop

Ever hear yourself or someone else say: I really need to get my life together? 

How do you and I reduce that kind of anxiety and inspire students to take control of their lives so that they can create a better world


The answer just may be here...


Based on the book -


"A simple idea for making life better"

This is focused on personal development, gaining clarity on what you would want to do with your life through a formula designed to set you successfully for your future.

Desire (Clarity)

Vision (Purpose)

Mindset (Growth)

Truth (Principle)

Choice (Action)

These 5 steps are chosen and ordered intentionally to ensure that every audience member feels they are ready to take on what life brings for them with an end goal ensuring individual success paired with a social endeavor designed to make life better for the individual and the world they live in!


The speeches and presentation given can be catered to your specific event!

Mark uses storytelling and humor to ensure that your group is engaged throughout the entire presentation. Let us know how we can best serve your group so that we create a culture of betterment, joy, and fulfillment!

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- Trying to gain a sense of direction for your life?

- Trying to feel more in control?

- What would it mean for you to create a better life?